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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Nimue's Dawn

Original oil on canvas by Lynne Tansey for March 2020. This stunning original is available for purchase.

In the magic veil of Avalon, she sits sword in hand awaiting the arrival of the Once and Future King. With deep thought she infuses the blade with sacred ancient knowledge and protection.

Limited edition and open prints also available to order.

SOLD Gemini Dragon 2018. Beautiful Original art by Peter. This painting is available at £2400. Price includes insurance certificate, double mount and frame. The dimensions including the frame are 65.5cm x 66.5cm. Limited edition prints of this painting are also available to order.

Original now SOLD, limited edition prints available to order.

SOLD Libra Dragon 2018. Another magical original painting by Peter, one of two original paintings available from the 2018 Dragon collection. Price including double mount, frame and insurance certificate £2400. Dimensions including frame 65.5cm x 67cm. Limited edition prints available to order.

Original now SOLD. Limited edition prints available to order.

Apple Fae by Lynne Tansey. Oil on canvas, this stunning original by Lynne comes beautifully framed and has its own insurance certificate. Dimensions 90cm x 110cm. This image celebrates the coming of Spring. Price £4995.

Capricorn Dragon 2018 original painting by Peter. This is the last of the Dragon originals from 2018. This stunning original comes beautifully framed with a double mount and insurance certificate. Price £2400. Limited edition prints are also available to order.

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