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Peter Pracownik a short biography

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Peter was born in Bristol, but due to the music scene Peter moved to London from the age of sixteen. This is where he was introduced to the rock and roll culture and hooked up with bands such as Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies.

Over the years Peter still jammed with the bands but not as much, he left London and eventually settled in Bath where he focused on his artistic skills. In 1988 he opened his first art gallery in Glastonbury. More years passed and Peter decided to move to Cornwall and went on to open his current gallery Another Green World in the historic village of Tintagel.

Peter has done over eighty album covers for various bands and artists such as the Groundhogs, Fairport Convention, Egypt, Kate Bush and many more. He also specialises in Dragons, Mythology, Magic, Fantasy and Tolkien. Others may know him through the music scene as he has been playing in various bands for many years. Peter is currently in a band called Astralasia.

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